Pool Services – Facts You Need to Know

There are a few things you don’t know about pool cleaning and maintenance. After having a closer look at them you would want to get it cleaned throughout the year. You know the seasons or the temperature outside don’t really matter when it comes to keeping your pool safe and away from debris and contaminants. A reputed pool service Boca Raton Florida professional would warn you against many hassles and repercussions of not getting your pool cleaned on a more regular basis. Following are some astonishing facts about pool cleaning and maintenance services you should know about:

Reducing Its Lifespan In Half

You should know that by not maintaining your swimming pool properly and more regularly, you are cutting its lifespan in half. Remember, by not maintaining it at all, you may just reduce it to a quarter.

Your Pool Pump Is Pumping Out Your Juice

Yes, this one is a crucial one. Did you know that your swimming pool pump is capable of consuming up to half of your home’s entire energy output? If you have an old pump working for you, it is time to get in touch with your local Pool Service Boca Raton Florida Professional and get it replaced with a more energy-efficient model.

Highly Convenient For You

You fear that the pool guy is going to disrupt your day and the things that you do at home? You don’t have to think about that at all unless you are a stay-at-home dad or a full-time mother. So yes, they will come to your place to clean and service the pool when you are at work or out with your friends. They will hop in, quietly do their job and keep your pool shining clean without getting in your hair. When you return home, you will find that the floating leaves and debris are gone and the pump is working more smoothly and without any noise at all.

Let’s Talk About The Ph Balance Of The Pool Water

If you have a saltwater pool at home, you will have to take certain steps to make sure it’s absolutely clean. They are not going to take care of themselves. You will have to add acid to the water so that the pH is well balanced. Believe your pool service Boca Raton Florida Professionals when they ask you to do it on a regular basis. You see, saltwater swimming pools might seem like the real thing and give off that ocean like feeling but the fact remains that they are not. Your saltwater pool has 1/10th of the salt the ocean has.

And, don’t even think of mistaking this salt to be natural or environmentally friendly because it’s not. This salt breaks down over time and produces compounds such as hydrochloric acid and/or chlorine gas. You can drain water from regular pools into your yard because they don’t have that much chlorine. But with saltwater pools, you have to suck the water out and for that a professional is required. Remember, dumping this water in your yard is going to seriously affect the ecosystem you’ve built. Saltwater can easily rust stainless steel parts of the pool and the pump as well or corrode them eventually which will cause you thousands to replace. So these were some facts about pool cleaning and maintenance.

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