Using photo booth to look more attractive during parties

Your party is just around the corner and you are thinking of hiring a dependable Photo Booth Rental Washington DC company. But the thing is you don’t want to completely rely on them for personalizing your booth. You want some of your own magic and creativity.

You want your guests to have a more customized experience that is anything but typical. You don’t seek the common backdrops or the “made for all” props and gimmicks that run well with almost all parties and events. You want a day that is very unique and special but for that you should be willing to do extensive research and come up with your own ideas. You can get inspired from the internet or look for some ideas elsewhere perhaps in a magazine or a book you’ve been reading.

You can also ask the Photo Booth Rental Washington DC professional for some input. I’m sure they will readily come up with some amazing tricks and tips to make your big day even more special. Following are some of the ideas for you to get inspired from. Have a look:

Sparkles And Sequins

You can create a dazzling and shiny backdrop for your photo booth by using a lot of sparkles and sequins. Just don’t go overboard with them because it is very easy to get carried away with anything shiny. To be fair, when it comes to sequin backdrops, they easily work well with almost any kind of party or even a formal event. They are especially ideal for dances and weddings. If you want something that shimmers like glittering stars in the sky and also gives your event a glamorous and sophisticated look, you can opt for these sparkly yet fun backdrops. And of course the color options that you get with them are practically endless.

Let There Be LIGHT

This is not a decorating tip but a very basic and useful suggestion. It is possible especially for a night event to go a little dim. So if you’re planning a fun photo booth evening, it is better not to waste any time on any kind of camera flash setup. This is just going to result in endless fiddling and nothing else. Instead make sure that your event is not just properly lit but strangely, eerily bright and lit! Yes, that’s right because only this way you can ensure better pictures. Lighting is the key to high resolution images and the camera lens capturing more detail no matter what time of day it is. If you are not able to arrange for such a lighting setup, you can always opt for a well-lit separate room for the purpose.

Camera & Settings Tips From The Experts

If you ask your Photo Booth Rental Washington DC professionals, they would advise you to use a good quality camera and also opt for a steady tripod. This will allow you to click large JPEGS and set the shutter at ideal speeds for optimum results. They will also guide you about the aperture settings and the focal length to make sure that everyone in the frame gets captured without losing any detail. Don’t forget to ask them about your camera’s all points focus, and multiple face detection. These tips should be able to get you going and will eventually make for a very entertaining event.

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