Best VPN Service for Netflix USA?

What VPN still work with Netflix?


Which is the Best VPN service for Netflix USA?


Which Proxy service provider is best for Netflix?

You might be thinking of answers to the above questions, right? Netflix has almost blocked all the VPN providers that people used to have to access Netflix worldwide. And they are always finding best VPN Service for watching Netflix USA from other Countries? But, you can still access Netflix via VPN as there are some VPN services through which it is still accessible.

We all know the growing fame of Netflix at an increasing rate all across the countries in the recent times and with the restrictions to access this so popular streaming application, the demand for VPN services has grown much. As we know Netflix has been offering a much larger content to the users coming from US than the other countries we need to look out for best VPN service for Netflix USA that can help you access all the extra content no matter where you are from.

Netflix is the world’s most accepted and largest Video streaming website, where you can watch TV series, movies, Sports and much more. But, it has some region/country restrictions due to which people use VPN (virtual private network) software to access Netflix without any restrictions.

Here is the list of Top VPN providers through which you can watch Netflix USA:

#1 ExpressVPN >>

The top recommendation for accessing Netflix is Express VPN. Currently, offering 35% Off on annual plan and Extra 3 months Free. You can also get 1 month free each time by referring-a-friend. Also, It is considered to be the best VPN provider in China.

Monthly Price – $12.95 >> (When you opt to pay on a Monthly Basis)

Monthly Price (35% Off) – $8.32 >> (When you opt to pay annually, you save 35%)

Monthly Price – $9.95 >> (When you opt to pay half-yearly, you save 35%)


#2 Torguard >>

The second most trusted and recommended provider is Torguard. Currently, you can get 50% on All VPN and Proxy Plans with site-wide coupon code ‘TGLifetime50‘. Torguard has recently got popularity, previously it was known best for Torrenting (still best).

Site-wide coupon available “TGLifetime50”50% Off on all plans.

Total Price – Monthly (1 Netflix region)

$9.99 (VPN) + $8 (streaming IP) = $17.99 $8.99 after 50% discount >> ($8.99 per month)

Total Price – 3 Months (1 Netflix region)

$19.99 (VPN) + $24 (streaming IP) = $43.99 $21.99 after 50% discount >> ($7.33 per month)

Total Price – 6 Months (1 Netflix region)

$29.99 (VPN) + $48 (streaming IP) = $77.99 $38.99 after 50% discount >> ($6.50 per month)

Total Price – 12 Months (1 Netflix region)

$59.99 (VPN) + $96 (streaming IP) = $155.99 $77.99 after 50% discount >> ($6.50 per month)


#3 PrivateInternetAccess >>

Private Internet Access is the third most recommended for accessing Netflix. Currently, you can get 52% on its annual plan. It is considered to be the most reliable and easy-to-use VPN for providing complete privacy.

Monthly Price – $6.95 >> One Month price (For all VPN features)

Monthly Price – $5.99 >> For 6 Months (All VPN Features)

Monthly Price – $3.33 >> Annual Price (52% Off) 1-Year


#4 Vypr VPN >>

Vypr VPN is another popular provider through which you can unblock Netflix’ restricted content and watch from anywhere. Below are the pricing details:

Basic Monthly Price – $5.00 >> When you pay annually (3 Days Free Trial)

Premium Monthly Price – $6.67 >> When you pay annually (3 Days Free Trial)


Apart from the above recommended providers, we also have VyprVPN, Strong VPN, iVacy VPN on which Netflix USA is still accessible. You can share about more providers which you know about or have used personally for Netflix. We will continue to update the above list whenever there is an update to the pricing or if there is any new recommendation. So, the conclusion is, you can access American Netflix while sitting in some other country. also, there are some points that you must consider before opting for any VPN provider.