Freshen Up and detox Your Work Wardrobe With These Classic Pieces

Working women know the pain behind choosing what to wear every day to the office. The choice generally juggles between something that ought to not look like a recurring affair and something that also doesn’t deprive them of their voguish stature. And with stockpiling being expensive, it seems impossible to balance between the two things. But you needn’t fret about it as we have got your back. Our team of experts has been striving hard to give you something that you can boastfully flaunt. While truly focussing on workwear, we bring to you a list of a few basic essentials that form an indispensable part of a woman’s wardrobe and are imperative, regardless of seasons or locations.

  1. A Classic Blazer

A Classic Blazer

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A striking blazer never goes out of style and is a must-have when you wish to move around while oozing out that boss-lady vibe.
Look out for something that has small shoulders, and is nicely-cut, in a way that complements your body type. Depending upon the environs, you can either team it up over a crisp shirt for a more formal presentation or you can go casual with a chic turtle-neck tee under it.

For a more phenomenal look, don it over a snazzy corset. While on one hand, the corset will give a gorgeous definition to your waist, the blazer, on the other, will balance it out by limiting your electrifying silhouette to playful peeking only.

It’ll look equally swanky with a smart pair of trousers as it’ll with a dapper pair of jeans. It can also be thrown over your casual black dresses for that meeting-ready look.
An uber-classy jacket made from an impeccable fabric instantly gives an authoritative feel to your personality. So don’t be afraid to invest in such a versatile wonder as it will reap you benefits more than you can ever expect!

  1. Oh-So-Perfect-Fit Pants

Oh-So-Perfect-Fit Pants

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A pair of work appropriate skinny-fit jeans and a pair of ultra slim-fit trousers are the two radically essential items for any woman’s wardrobe. On the days when you feel like taking it easy and cool, try combining smart button downs or elegant tops with your dark wash jeans. For a rather official look, swap in your form-fitting style black trousers, striped blouse, and loafers.

  1. A clean-cut white shirt

A clean-cut white shirt

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When discussing work wardrobe, a collection of well-starched shirts form the basis of an exemplary wardrobe. Time and again, this one piece has always stood strong. They practically never date and can be worn with literally anything. Use it as a blank canvas and team it up with either a fine midi skirt, a tailored trouser, or high-waisted jeans. It can also be worn under a jacket or a shrug for that added hint of assertiveness.
Thankfully, there are a variety of fabrics one can choose from. Satin, linen, cotton, jacquard, you name it and you can have it.
While nothing can beat a classic white shirt, you can always try pastels, patterns, and prints for a more fresh and relaxed look. Only remember to keep your shirts pristine and stay away from anything that is see-through or too thin for a work environment.

  1. Midi Skirt

Midi Skirt

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A workwear staple, every woman must own a flattering skirt that accentuates her figure by giving it a subtle silhouette. Two such varieties of midi skirt that need to be an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe are – One that sits just below the knees and the other one that covers up till mid-calf.

Midis add oomph to your style while keeping it posh and sensual at the same time.
But you gotta be cautious and refrain from showing off more than what is required as it may dwindle your aesthetic principle.

  1. Jumpsuit


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A spiffy jumpsuit can, in actuality, freshen up your wardrobe by giving a faddish makeover to it. They are easy to carry and need slightest effort to create a flawless look. With minimal jewelry and natural makeup, you can do a bang-up job at leaving everyone at your workplace, in awe of your style game.
Opt for one that puts your body in the best light. Ditch black and go for colors like olive green, brown, navy blue etc. These hues not only bring a dash of vigor to the otherwise ‘all-black’ fashion collection but look dazzling too.

  1. Statement Heels

Statement Heels

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A favorite amongst all the celebs, you can’t leave behind a pair of exquisite work heels when you are assembling your wardrobe. These can really amplify your glam quotient for everyone to envy. Pair them up with your midis, trousers, jeans, single pieces or anything under the sky, and they promise to make you look ultra chic.
Buy these in nude shades to be able to mix and match them with almost all of your wardrobe selections.
While looking for a much comfortable option at work, amazing pairs of mules, loafers and stylish pumps make the most sense. They let you run around while taking care of numerous things at your workplace.

  1. An Enticing Bag

An Enticing Bag

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Carrying a roomy bag while going to work is absolutely unavoidable and often the first thing people notice about you. Then why not make the most of this opportunity and invest in a piece that, almost immediately, demands lauds from your peers?
Act smart and upgrade yourself to a graceful carryall bag that doubles up as a casual tote bag too. Try different hues to make it noticeable and stand out even when you are in a crowd.

  1. A Trench Coat

A Trench Coat

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An evolved version of the blazer, a trench coat gives you a rare option of being yourself by wearing absolutely anything comfy inside and concealing it cleverly with a trench coat. It is not only lightweight, structured and comfortable, it also looks super trendy and stylish. When you are too bored with your blazer, put this on over your silk tank, heart leggings and mules for a look to die for.
It is, however, advisable to not experiment with too bold colors while picking up a trench coat. It is rather best to select neutral shades that don’t drag you straight into the limelight.


With these dedicatedly curated tips, be assured to carve a niche for yourself in the sphere of fashion and enjoy an advanced rotation of work outfits without burning your pocket. Though our expert suggestions shall ensure to leave your colleagues guessing the secret behind the panache with which you manage your workwear, you must also remember that self-confidence plays the most integral part in cultivating your fashion sense. Be bold, be confident and be comfortable in your skin and you can rule the world.


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