Ultimate Guide on PSD to Magento Development

Magento” is the utterance that comes to every person’s mind, being technical or non-technical, when thinking of building an eCommerce website. It has sustained its position as the most preferred website development platform for eCommerce, despite tremendous competition, due to its easy to build and maintain features.

Suppose you already have images in PSD format, you can set up the PSD to Magento conversion. This will help expedite the development and go-live process. You may be wondering why to bother with the PSD to Magento theme conversion. The answer is straightforward. As a growing business, you will continue having new images on a daily basis. With the integration, it will be easy to upload them to the eCommerce website without much hassle. You can also integrate further plugins with this conversion.

There are countless benefits of this step during the eCommerce website design and development. In the following section, let us consider a few of them.

PSD to Magento

Why PSD to Magento Conversion Services?

  • PSD to Conversion assists in improving and enhancing your website. The image design and website layout are created as per your business requirements. It plays an important role in attracting customers and helping in bringing new business opportunities.

  • Helps to create a robust and durable Magento HTML website along with W3C compliance. This ensures your clicks get converted to traffic adding more visitors, reduce coding errors and boosts cross-browser compatibility. All these can be guaranteed with the PSD to Magento conversion.

  • During this conversion, developers are required to hand code the website. This assures that the code is written cleanly, thus approved by the Search Engine Crawlers.

Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of this conversion let us understand the checklist to bear in mind. Further, explore why you need PSD to Magneto Conversion?

Detailed Guide and Checklist for PSD to Magento Conversion

  • Don’t make the common mistake of creating different themes in separate folders. It is advised that you follow an incremental development method when doing so.

  • JQuery is not a part of the Magento theme. You are free to integrate it if you desire. But, you must do so before you start prototyping. Make sure you have jQuery

  • Be sure you or your technology partner has enough knowledge of XML so that you can design your website without any mistake. If you lack an understanding of the layout, you won’t be able to do justice to it.

  • You can use the developmental tools such as “Profiler” to create your Magento HTML website.

  • Magento uses the standard HTML markup language. So, it is advised to stick with that.

  • Just like any standard website, you can develop a theme using CSS code. Magento also uses and approves of CSS coded themes.

Now that you have a good understanding of how Magento works. Let us look at some tips and tricks which can be used for PSD to Magento Development.

Tips and Tricks for integrating PSD to Magento

  • Be cautious to keep your design simple and easy to navigate so that the visitors can conveniently browse through the website. The website color and graphics should be in sync with your business colors.

  • Every part of the website, such as Navigation Panel, Footer and Banner should be saved separately. Zoom through every file to ensure the rules have been followed correctly. Then they can be integrated into the website using codes.

  • Each PSD files must be first converted to HTML or XHTML to ensure they are browser compatible. Bear in mind, PSD is not compatible with many of the web browsers. You can then code your elements with the use of the semantic code.

  • The final step is to convert it to the Magento CMS format. This concludes the integration or conversion.

Why Magento is the Precise Platform for PSD Conversions

A website is a significant part of any business as it helps them increase their presence online, extend enhanced customer service, and ultimately increase ROI. Magneto Module Development is an online solution which one can operate with very little help from a technical specialist.

Let us look at some of the returns associated with this fantastic platform:

  • A significant platform to aid in buying and selling of services and products using the internet.

  • It is inclusive of an admin panel using which you can manage different parts of your website, such as product catalog and promotions, sales, inventory, merchandising, customers and more.

  • You can also handle content such as text, images, and animations without having any technical knowledge.

  • Helps serve both B2C and B2B clientele

  • This module has a solution for varied industries, such as electronics, consumer goods, apparel, retail and more

  • These solutions can be effortlessly integrated with all platforms’ smartphones and tablets such as Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows and Blackberry

  • Audio and video streaming can be unified with the product catalogues.

  • One can easily navigate between services and products

  • Entire Management Information System and product management tool are available

  • Additional features such as SMS and email notifications along with Chat features are available

  • Payment Gateways such as PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard can also be assimilated.

Key Takeaways

Magneto platform is a cutting-edge technology which will continue helping businesses from varied industries in selling their products and enhancing their global presence. It further helps them increase customer base, provide quality customer service and increase sales.

The remarkable Magento Development Solution has been designed keeping all kinds and sizes of business in mind. The objective is to help companies meet their technology and business goals by hiring a Magento Development Company. So, if you wish to establish a web portal, then try out Pixlogix’s PSD to Magento Conversion services for a trouble-free experience.

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