Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning And Indoor Air Quality

The biggest concern of any homemaker or parent right now is to keep their kids, elderly and loved ones safe. This is why so many people are avoiding chemical based carpet cleaning solutions and picking plant based alternatives. The leading carpet cleaning NYC professionals too are more than eager to satisfy this demand and are readily coming up with more eco friendly carpet and rug cleaning methods that are not just safe for your family but also light on your pocket.

Don’t Ignore Indoor Air Quality

You may not be able to notice this fact right off the bat or immediately when someone points it out but your carpets are very dirty. They can easily become home for bacteria and a haven for dirt and allergens and several kinds of germs. It won’t be surprising when you find mold, mildew, fungi, pet dander, hair and pesticides, and even nails and human skin in your carpet fibers.

We spend a considerable amount of time on and around our carpets and we are breathing that very air surrounding them. This is a matter of concern because our carpets and rugs are dirt magnets and whatever pollutants and grime that we bring with us gets stuck in our carpets very easily. This not only impacts the life of our carpets negatively but also hampers our indoor air quality. And when we use harsh chemicals to clean them, we are further inducing irritation, reactions, allergies and infections. This is why it is advised to pick a reputed carpet and rug cleaning professional in NYC that knows how to employ eco friendly carpet cleaning methods such as:

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

This is probably the best and the most effective eco friendly carpet cleaning method known to us. Many carpet cleaning NYC professionals also call it steam carpet cleaning. It uses hot water which is kept at high pressure and then made to penetrate the carpet fibers bringing out all the dirt and grime with it. The hot water when pressed through the carpets easily infiltrates its fibers and effectively dissolves and dislodges all the dirt, impurities, dust, grime and germs. The professional may or may not use a cleaning agent with it. You can also suggest a mild and more environment friendly cleaning agent in place of chemical one. You can avoid the use of perchloroethylene or naphthalene which are both known for their toxic effects and health risks. This is why it becomes absolutely necessary that you use a carpet cleaning method that uses only your choice of plant-based cleaning agents and don’t render the non-toxic steam extraction method a total waste.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

While vacuuming is one of the most popular dry carpet cleaning methods, there are other ways to clean your carpets and rugs as well that are complementary to it. If you have ever heard of compound cleaning, you will know that it is the latest method to debut in the market right now. It’s rising in popularity because of the simple fact that it is very easy to perform and very convenient as well. Dry cleaning compounds are nothing but cleaning agents that you use with vacuum cleaners. When you want your carpets to be super clean and hygienic and have no odor whatsoever or stains from old spills, you use these compounds that are plant based. The carpet and rug cleaning NYC professional will simply spread it on your carpet, then let it sit for about half an hour and then vacuum it all up using industrial power machinery. It is a very effective means of cleaning and deodorizing your carpets and rugs.

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