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We have followed the age old methods of carpet and rug cleaning all over in Philadelphia. We have stuck by vacuuming and shampooing for decades but are these two the most effective ways to get rid of dirt? Are they the only methods that keep our carpets and rugs away from grime? Well, no! When your carpets suffer from a combination of dirt, grime, hair, pet dander, moisture and oil, you will also have to use a combination of carpet and rug cleaning methods to get the best results.

Understanding Carpet Cleaning Problems

Today there are two primary problems with any carpet or rug cleaning method that people face in Philadelphia. The first problem is that there has to be a cleaning agent, and the second problem is that it has to be successfully removed from the carpet fibers. The cleaning agent has to be safe and free of any irritants and the residue produced should be easy to dispose off once collected. Different kinds of carpet fibers and materials call for different kinds of cleaning methods and we need to understand this before we pick one for our home.

Carpet Cleaning Becomes Even More Thorough When We Add Heat To The Process

If you haven’t heard of hot water extraction, you are probably living under a rock. While shampooing a carpet seems like a very obvious solution to any and all kinds of dirt and grime that affects the beauty of your carpets and rugs, when heat is applied to it, things change drastically. The steam cleaning or hot water extraction method is a very simple and safe carpet cleaning process and is a perfect example of that. Although when you are using the traditional shampooing method, you can face trouble with water and soap residue. These can be a real problem. But when you combine the two in a way, you can really make a difference in the whole process. By adding heat to the water and shampoo mix you can easily increase the strength of the shampoo. This way the dirt and grime bonds will break down more easily. The oils and moisture that hold these bonds begin to dissolve in the heat of the water and when you finally rinse the whole thing using hot water, it results in very effective cleaning.

What Is Space Age Carpet Cleaning?

While you might be of the opinion that vacuuming and shampooing are the best ways of carpet and rug cleaning in Philadelphia, do understand that now the market has some very dynamic cleaning solutions that are as effective as they are safe. They can be used to clean very dirty carpets made out of almost every material you have come across and can efficiently do away with the most stubborn soiling problems.

Polymer Cleaners

Like discussed above, there are better and more innovative ways to clean and maintain your carpets now. Encapsulation is such a technique as well. The professional will use synthetic polymers to work the carpet fibers and extract and absorb the dirt and grime from it. Then they will trap all of it in a crystalline structure. They will then remove it using very safe and efficient disposal methods due to which many are terming this as the future of carpet cleaning.

Enzyme Cleaners

These are ideal for special problems that plague your carpets and rugs. When you are looking to remove pet odors and stains, and also blood stains that are stuck to the fibers because of its strong protein bonds, you can use this method of carpet cleaning. It can be used in conjunction with other cleaning methods to give you cleaner, fresher and shiner looking carpets.

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